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The mission of the W&W Group Dedicated to financial planning

Our Mission

The W&W Group emerged from the strong brands Wüstenrot and Württembergische. They gave our group of companies its name: W&W. Today, it is home to numerous different brands, all of which are part of our financial planning group. Together, we have a mission that unites us in our daily thoughts and actions:

„All our brands help our customers fulfill their dreams of developing themselves individually while enjoying the highest possible extent of security – each brand by contributing on its own and all brands together.“

Thus, we – the W&W Group – want to be our customers‘ most valued partner in all matters of financial security providing excellent service and product quality. Guided by our company values!

Jürgen A. Junker on the strategy programme „The W&W Group is one of the most efficient and experienced providers of financial planning solutions in Germany.“

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Strategic programme of the W&W Group

The strategic programme of the W&W Group W&W Besser! – Heading for the digital future

W&W Besser! is a strategic programme that is shaping the way we think and work across all our business areas and companies. Together and focused, we set ourselves concrete goals. We do not aim to achieve these goals in three to five years. We aim to consistently pursue our goals daily and become better every day. "Now" is the key word in our strategic programme. Our move into the digital future essentially follows the four strategic goals outlined above.

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Our attitude An appetite for the future – an appetite for change

The transformation of the W&W Group is accompanied by a willingness to change that brooks no alternative on the road to a successful future. We have set ourselves the goal of making this road a positive one. This demands a great deal from our employees, but at the same time opens up many opportunities for them.

  • Thinking like customers
  • Courage to change
  • A love of all things new

Our values

  • Solidarity creates a sense of community

    In our W&W Group – with its multitude of people, brands and companies – we rely on a strong foundation: the sense of community that has shaped our company from the very beginning.

    This means that we work together cooperatively and in a spirit of trust, assuming responsibility both personally and jointly across divisions.

  • Solidarity increases joy

    Our mission is to accompany all customers of our W&W Group on their way with sincerity and joy. We have a sincere interest in them and want to pursue goals with them and alleviate their concerns.

    This means that we fulfil and optimise customer needs at all contact points.

  • Solidarity enables openness

    In our W&W Group, we have a common goal and yet we are different. We exchange ideas and help each other in a spirit of trust, so that everyone can use each other's experiences and successes for further development.

    This means we help each other, give encouraging feedback and are open to new ideas.

  • Sustainability

    The W&W Group has not just recently taken sustainability for granted. Responsible behaviour and social commitment have a long tradition within the Group and are a core component of its strategic orientation.

    This means that we act responsibly with a view to future generations.

  • Solidarity increases courage

    In our W&W Group, successful traditional brands and young up-and-coming brands are resolutely facing up to the digital challenges. We courageously take innovative paths and live a common and profitable error culture.

    This means that we think and act entrepreneurially, develop ourselves further and see change as an opportunity

  • Solidarity creates added value

    Progressive reason guides our corporate strategy. Our solidarity enables stable value orientation, economic efficiency and a lower risk, allowing the sustainable continued existence of our W&W Group and at the same time attractive returns for our owners.

    This means that we are growing sustainably and set ourselves ambitious goals.

  • Solidarity means commitment

    History connects the companies of our W&W Group in a very special way. We keep this commitment alive – as a responsible employer, business partner, company founder and supporter of public life.

    This means that we act sustainably and assume social responsibility.