W&W AG: Changes on the Supervisory Board

  • Chairman Hans Dietmar Sauer, Dr Reiner Hagemann and Hans-Ulrich Schulz will end their mandates as at 31 August for reasons of age.
  • Edith Weymayr, Dr Michael Gutjahr and Dr Wolfgang Salzberger have been proposed as their successors.

As at 1 September 2022, there will be a number of personnel changes on the Supervisory Board of Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG (W&W).

Hans Dietmar Sauer (80), who has also been the Chairman of the Supervisory Board since 2005, Dr Reiner Hagemann (74) and Hans-Ulrich Schulz (78) have informed the company that they will end their mandates as at 31 August 2022 for reasons of age. As stated in the invitation to the virtual Annual General Meeting of W&W AG on 25 May 2022 that has now been published, the Supervisory Board is proposing to the shareholders that the following candidates be elected to the Supervisory Board as their successors:

Edith Weymayr (57), Chairwoman of the Board of Management of L-Bank, as Hans-Ulrich Schulz’s successor.

Dr Michael Gutjahr (65), member of the Executive Board of W&W AG until August 2020. If he is elected by the shareholders, it is planned for Dr Gutjahr to stand for election by the Supervisory Board as Hans Dietmar Sauer’s successor as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Dr Wolfgang Salzberger (58), Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of ATON GmbH, as Dr Hagemann’s successor.